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Orange Precious

We know your uniqueness that’s why Orange presents to you PRECIOUS, your new loyalty program that makes you an exceptional client.

PRECIOUS, your VIP loyalty program

You are precious in our eyes

Precious, it is a world of day to day benefits and privileges to accompany and offer you the distinction that you deserve.

Precious is:

  • Precious Vicky, your caretaker available for all your needs 24/7
  • Precious Fidelity card, Your fidelity card for you to benefit a preferential treatment from our partners
  • Precious Life, to accompany you in your everyday moments of joy (birthday, Christmas, Aid el Fitr etc.) and make you live exceptional events (concerts, private sales, golf, etc)

Who is eligible to Precious?

Precious is open to every Orange Cameroon client having an average consumption for the past six months equal to or more than 20000F.

Eligible clients to Precious are divided into 3 categories

  • Precious Diamond: average level of consumption on a 6 months scale equal to or more than 80 000F
  • Precious Ruby: average level of consumption on a 6 months scale ranges between 40 000F and 79 999F
  • Precious Emerald: average level of consumption on a 6 months scale ranges between 20 000F et 39 999F

Orange Cameroon will contact you via an e-mail, a text message or a phone call if you are eligible.

Precious Vicky, your caretaker that facilitates your life

Vicky is your personal assistant; she is available when you are in need and will assist you in the achievement of personal daily activities: Dry cleaning at home or in the office, help in online purchases, inquiries, shopping in supermarkets and home delivery, various services at home (plumber, cable installers, home teachers, etc) assistance in your national and international movements, etc.

Check our concierge partners list here.

Vicky Services Description Modalities Precious Diamond Precious Emerald and Ruby
Shopping international

Place orders on the best shopping sites online


Diamond: free assistance, free expedition
In Cameroon, up to 1kg/month

The cost of purchase is incurred by the client

Emerald and Ruby: free assistance, 9500F/Kg + 10% of the product’s value

Inquiries In need of a fast information: contacts of a professional, pharmacy on call, sports feedback, exchange rates, etc Free assistance YES YES
Dry cleaning Entrust your clothes to our steed, who will be in charge of taking it to one of the dry cleaners in partnership with us and deliver it to you at your place of convenience

Clothes collected every Tuesdays at home or in the office

The  cost of dry cleaning is incurred by the client

Emerald and Ruby clients will pay 2000F/errand

Supermarket Perishables are delivered at your home free of charge

Payment of products incurred by the client

Free home delivery

International assistance Assistance with your travels overseas, leisure or professional recommendations, medical assistance, taxi or restaurant reservations, ticketing, etc Over 15000 international advantages YES YES
Travel agency Your caretaker assists you with your movements. Don’t move! Access to the caretaker’s traveling privileges YES YES
VIP Parlors More than 200 VIP Parlors Access is either free or billed YES  
Airports Airports at your reach Preferential    
Airport VIP reception Express crossing formalities, reception at plane exit, arrange for the transfer to a vehicle -20% off the price of the service YES  
Hobbies Organize your moments of relaxation ( night club, restaurant, golf, aesthetic, etc)   YES  
News News of all kinds, Preferential fares for major events, special events you are interested in, etc A free bulletin is sent to you on weekly basis YES YES
Labor supply For your needs of a lawyer, notary, mover, house staff, craft Search, recommendation and negotiation of prices YES YES
Repairs For all your worries home, plumber, electricity, locksmith

Services rendered at the charge of the client

SOS lawyers Making available a legal advisor 30 minutes of counselling per month YES  
Flowers delivery Deliver flowers to your loved ones in Cameroon or across the world Free assistance, shipping costs and purchase of the bouquet is incurred by the client. Up to 20% reduction YES YES
No limit A burning personal desire? A vague or crazy need Simply call Vicky and your need is met YES  

How to contact Vicky :

For Precious Diamond clients:

For Precious Emerald and Precious Ruby clients:

  • Prior subscription at #140#, 2000F per month,
  • The subscription enables you to access the service through a free call at 656 00 11 11 or by e-mail to the address
  • Access from 9am to 9pm, 7/7

NB: None eligible clients cannot get access to the service, whatever the channel.

Precious fidelity card, because you are special

With Precious card, obtain preferential treatments and many privileges from our partners across Cameroon.

Precious card exists in 3 types:

  • Precious Diamond card
  • Precious Ruby card
  • Precious Emerald card

How to obtain your card?

  • You will receive a text message, an email or a telephone call if you are eligible
  • Then, dial #140# and select the bar “obtain my card”
  • Fill in the different information asked on the page: name, localization, e-mail
  • You will receive your card at home, in the office or in any orange agency near your residence

Advantages of Precious card

  • Discounts from Orange partners (supermarkets, hotels, beauty shops, bookshops etc) upon presentation your Precious card
  • Personalized and distinguished treatment at Orange sales outlets
  • Change of sim card free of charge in our agencies
  • Invitations to events organized or sponsored by Orange (concerts, Golf, privates sales, after work, etc)
  • Privileged to access partner lounges (airports, transportation agencies, etc)

Precious Life, have us at heart

With Precious life, Orange accompanies you through your important moments. You will be surprised at the attention given to you during your best moments and your daily life will be awesome.

Precious Life activities

  • Precious birthday: because you are unique, your birthday is also very important to us
  • Best wishes to our clients (via phone calls, text messages, e-mail)
  • Surprise gifts to clients chosen through monthly ballots
  • Precious social gift: following the feast or calendar event, Orange choses clients through ballots and sees them through actions and social works/charity of their choice. A material or financial donation will be granted to develop an initiative brought by you. Events to be considered are: Christmas, aid el-Fitr, Aid-el-Kebir, Easter, Academic re-opening, Women’s day, etc

For terms and conditions click here.