You answered mostly "stars": you favour a controlled use of tech

“I’m trying to stay on top of it all… and it’s exhausting.”


Do you keep screen time and device use under strict control? Do you monitor your children’s online use? Do you make full use of all the parental control tools on the market? Bravo, you’re protecting your children from a number of cyber risks.

However, you may find it tiring to stay on top of everything, including watching out in case your children try to push the boundaries or break your rules.

There are a few things you can do to protect your children without ending up tearing your hair out:

  • Learn to tell the difference between acceptable online behaviour and symptoms that may be masking a more serious problem so as not to have to banish all screens. Orange runs parent support groups and workshops in France that might help. It might help to talk to other parents who are in a similar position, or a specialist.
  • Avoid screen use becoming an emotional argument (although it can be hard sometimes). Not all screens are the enemy. Used sensibly, technology can be a source of discussion and harmony in the home: ask your kids what they’re watching or reading or finding funny and share these moments as a family.
  • Help empower your children, especially as they’re growing older, through parental control tools such as Xooloo Digital Coach from Orange.


Bonus tip: Why not download the parent’s guide: “Children and screens: psychologists answer parents’ questions”? You’ll find a lot of helpful advice for identifying and managing the various risks when it comes to children and their use of technology.