MegaWin is an educational and interactive game that enables you to participate daily in a quiz and win mega prizes every day.



How it works?

You may want to take the challenge? Subscribe by dialing # 119 # or sending "GAME" by sms to 9107.
After your registration, select "PLAY THE QUIZ" or send by SMS, the word "YES" to 9107.

When you register, follow the instructions that are sent to you by text message:



  • Select your favorite theme: General Knowledge, Music or Sports by sending the code of the theme by sms to 9107
  • Then you will receive 3 questions for your daily quiz
  • You will get 5 points for each correct answer and 1 point in case of wrong answer. Each sms answer will cost you 10F
  • Subscription to the quiz is 100F CFA per day
  • You can boost your score by answering to booster questions at 250F / question. You receive 15 points for each correct answer and 5 points in case of wrong answer. To increase your point, send the word "GO" by sms to 9107


What do we gain?

You have all your chances to win on MegaWin!




  • Each day has a minimum of 10 points and participates in the draw to win:



  • 100 000F of scholarship and academic
  • Printers
  • HD Audio headphones


  • Every week, be among the best scores and win:


  • 500 000F of scholarship and academic
  • digital tablets
  • Laptops


  • Each month, be among the top players and win:


  • 3000 000F scholarship and academic
  • Complete computer tools: laptop + printer + Orange Fly box +  6 months internet


With Megawin you can also win with CREDIT TOMBOLA

Credit Tombola is an option of MegaWin which permits to win communication credit   every day.
To participate, register first to MegaWin then dial #119# and follow the instructions. You can also send "CT" by sms to 9107.
Participation at Credit Tombola is 10F CFA per day only.
50 000F of Communication credit to be won every day.



The game MegaWin is opened all year.

The full rules of the game MegaWin is deposited with Maître OWONA born Suzanne EDIMO, Bailiff of Douala, post box 15 592 Douala.