How to subscribe to Orange Money

The opening of an Orange Money electronic wallet is free of charge. All you need is an Orange number, whether it is a prepaid number or obtained through a bill.
Only one Orange Money electronic wallet can be created, even if you have many Orange telephone numbers.

How to open an Orange Money account?

To open your Orange Money electronic wallet account, follow these 3 easy steps:

  • You must be an Orange subscriber with an Orange number registered to your name
  • Visit an Orange shop or an Orange Money authorized distributor (easy to identify with the sign board)
  • Provide identification (National ID, passport/ ID attestation or driver license) and fill the subscription form. The agent will activate your account immediately and you can start carrying out transactions.

NB: For minors (14-20 years), the presence of a legal guardian with his/her identification documents is required.

How to know if your account is active?

Upon subscription, you will receive an SMS confirming the activation of your new Orange Money account. The code « 0000 » is allocated to you by default as the secret code of your Orange Money account. You will be required to modify this secret code with a personal code of 4 digits.

How to protect your Orange Money account?

Your Orange Money account is protected by a secret code of 4 digits chosen by you. « 0000 » is the initial secret code that is allocated to you by default. You must change this code before the first use of your account.

How to change the secret code,

  • dial #150#.
  • Select option 6 «Orange Money Options »,
  • Choose option 1 « change the secret code »
  • Enter the current secret code
  • Enter the new secret code
  • confirm

Your new secret code is now registered.