Orange Energie Kits

Orange Energie allows you to benefit from an access to quality by offering its solar kits. To enable you to enjoy all the clarity of a modern life, Orange Cameroon offers you new solar kits with bright advantages

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NRG Comfort Greenlight

What do the Orange Energy Kits bring to you?

An autonomous solar energy supply solution for your households.

A global solution to meet essential needs:

  • lighting
  • work at night
  • entertainment
  • recharge your cell phone to communicate with your loved ones

What are the advantages ?

Permanent availability of energy
Free kit after full payment of the installments
Easy to deploy solutions
No risk of fire due to the use of candles or fuel
Orange after-sales service assured

NRG Play Greenlight

What does the Solar Energy Kit offer from Orange Cameroon contain?

You choose among 4 offers according to your needs. All the offers include a central unit, a solar panel and 3 Led bulbs.

According to your desires you can then choose in addition the flybox, a TV and always have electricity at home with the serenity of Orange after-sales service

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