What is Orange Money?

Orange Money is the electronic wallet that the Orange Group offers to all its customers for carrying out various financial transactions.

Advantages of Orange Money are unique


Your transactions with Orange Money are secured thanks to a confidential code that you create yourself after opening your electronic wallet, and that you must enter for each transaction. This confidential code secures your money against fraud if your phone is lost or stolen.


Orange Money is a real-time service. Save precious time by paying your bills and carrying out transactions from your phone. No more queues and wasted time in front of the counters.


A simple code to dial, #150#, and let your mobile phone guide you. The service is compatible with all mobiles.


With Orange Money, the service does not generate any electronic wallet management fees and there is no minimum balance obligation. Finally, transactions with Orange Money provide you with very competitive rates.

Dial #150# and have access to the services of Orange Money

  • Deposit and withdraw money
  • Transfer money
  • Buy credit
  • Pay your bills
  • Pay for products and services
  • Receive your salaries
  • Transfer money between your bank account and your Orange Money
  • Pay your insurance