Learn more about Infinity

You want to have a better knowledge of the infinity offer and determine which box, which bundle would best suit your needs, discover the specifications of the offer !

The Infinity offer is an Orange offer that gives you unlimited internet at home or at work through your Infinity box (dedicated box).

It's quite simple. First, ensure that your neighbourhood is covered by the service on your MyOrange application.

•If your area is covered, go to the nearest Orange shop to get your Infinity box (dedicated box), subscribe to the bundle and start enjoying unlimited internet.

•If your neighbourhood is not yet covered, do not worry. You can benefit from Giga box offers with generous internet volumes.

It's easy. Go to your MyOrange application or to the website www.orange.cm, click on "Coverage test" to find out if your home or workplace is covered. You can also contact an Orange sales agent or go to an Orange shop.

With the Orange Infinity offer, you can:

If you are an individual :

  • Watch videos and stream without limit
  • Browse on your social networks
  • Play online without stress
  • Download your favourite content at will


If you are a company :

  • Manage your business with confidence
  • Benefit from Microsoft 365
  • Hold team meetings with your partners

Not for now. To browse Unlimited, you need to go to the nearest Orange agency to get an Infinity box (box compatible with unlimited offers).

Unfortunately, this is not possible. To access unlimited internet, you need to go to your nearest Orange agency to activate the offer on your SIM and get an Infinity box (compatible box) if you do not yet have an Orange box.

Unfortunately, it won't. Your Infinity offer is only available at the address you have subscribed to. If you move your Infinity box away from your address, you will not be able to browse the internet. We strongly recommend that you do not move your Infinity box outside this address.

Yes! but in some cases the quality of your internet connection might be altered. We recommend that you look for the ideal position in your home (in your office) where you can get a better network signal. Once you have located this position, we recommend that you do not move it again.

You can check the quality of your internet connection signal from the network indicator on your Infinity box.

If you renew your Infinity bundle before it expires, the validity of your current bundle will be cancelled and replaced by that of the new bundle, since the validity of the bundles cannot be cumulated. 

No! The unlimited internet offer is only available in the Yaounde and Douala Orange Shops for the moment.

If you subscribe to a more expensive Infinity bundle than your current one, the new bundle (with its features) replaces and cancels the old one.

If you are not covered by the unlimited internet service, you can still benefit from Giga Box offers with generous volumes.

Go to the nearest Orange agency/shop to get your Infinity box (compatible box) and subscribe to the Infinity bundles of your choice.

To subscribe to an offer, I go to the My Orange application and I select the Home Infinity option

I check the validity of my Infinity bundle on the My Orange app under the Home Infinity option.

PS : Just before your bundle expires, you will receive reminder messages on DD-7, DD-3, DD-1 and on the last day of your bundle.


Best practices Infinity Box

  • Make sure you are already covered by the Orange Infinity offer before purchasing your Infinity box
  • Make sure your Infinity box is compatible with the Orange Infinity offer
  • Make sure your SIM has access to Infinity bundles. If not, contact an agency or call 8900
  • Make sure you have registered your Infinity box number and your main number at #140*24#

  • Your Infinity box will only work in your home or office 

o Make sure you turn on your Infinity box for the first time at your home or workplace

o Avoid moving your Infinity box away from your home or workplace to stay connected to unlimited internet

  • Make sure you have plugged in your Infinity box and that all lights are on
  • Make sure all network bars are on. If not, move your Infinity box around your home or office to get a better signal

Take advantage of Infinity plans by subscribing to #140*24# or #150#

  • Avoid removing your SIM from your Infinity box
  • Avoid putting your SIM in a smartphone or any other equipment because the Infinity offer only works in the Orange Infinity box (the dedicated one)
  • Avoid subscribing to another offer than the Infinity offer with the sim of your Infinity box because only the Infinity offers work on the sim of your Infinity box

In need of assistance, a dedicated team is available to answer your inquiries