Payment partner in business

Payment partner in business
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How to become an Orange Money partner?
Offer details
How to become an Orange Money partner?
Offer details
How to become an Orange Money partner?
Administrative requirements
Concerning this aspect, the prospect must have all necessary legal documents authorizing the existence of his company or business structure. This may include the followings:

  • Letter of incorporation(RCCM)
  • Tax payer card
  • Business license
  • Memorandum and article of association
  • Copy of NIC of General Manager or any person with letter of attorney to act on behalf of the company
  • Bank attestation(RIB)

Business requirements
As per business requirements, it will depend on the above corporate services the individual might want to go in for. Irrespective of the above, all of requirements will usually depend on the volume of persons who use the solution and the monetary value at stake here.

Other business requirements could be strategic or state motivated.

This heading is mostly made up of items that will assist the client in implementing or exploiting the solution and also do a follow up of all its transactions carried out via the Orange Money solution.

Logistic here will include the following:

  • Possession of an Orange Money account(end user) with good mastery of the secret code
  • The business structure should have an internet connection (internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, java applications etc.)
  • The business structure should have at least a computer(laptop or desktop)