Internet access problems

1/1 You cannot access the internet?

1/1 You cannot access the internet?

1. Your terminal receives the network signal. This condition will not be respected if:

  •      You may be in an uncovered area. Consult the list of localities covered here.
  •      You are in a building and obstacles are blocking the signal.
  •      You are within the coverage limit of two sites with different technologies (3G vs 4G for example).
  •      The site you are on is experiencing technical problems.

2. Your device is compatible with 3G or 4G technology, and mobile data service is activated

Did you know that? A 2G or 3G compatible terminal will not be able to access internet services on a 4G network for example. In this case you must configure the terminal so that it uses the technology available from the settings menu.

3. Internet settings are configured and valid:

  •      APN: Orange
  •      Login: Orange
  •      Password: Orange

Did you know that? You can automatically configure your terminal by sending “Orange” by SMS to 932.

4. You have a valid internet package or credit in your main account. We recommend that you always purchase an internet package to access the internet. The access code for purchasing an internet package is #145#.