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Who can have access to the Plenty bundle?
All mass market customers (Joker customers) are eligible. By subscribing to a bundle, your tariff plan automatically becomes Plenty. You can then communicate at 1F/sec to Orange and 1,5F/sec to other networks (this does not include communications within the bundle)

What happens once your Plenty bundle gets finished?

Once your bundle has been used up, you are billed using the Plenty tariff plan,
At the end of the bundle, the content is not kept. You can subscribe once again to the same bundle or change bundles.


Cumulating bundles
It is possible to cumulate Plenty bundles, independent of their validity or nature.
Take note when cumulating bundles:



  • Identical content can be cumulated and their validity takes into account the superior bundle.
  • Different content add up and keep their respective validity periods.
  • When you cumulate bundles that offer free and unlimited calls to a favourite number, it is the advantage of the favourite number of the bundle with the highest value that is taken into account.

Orange favourite number

Choice of favourite number: free, dial 915. Changing your favourite number will cost 150F


Recharge Plenty


I  had  400f, I  subscribed  to   plenty recharge, after a few calls 200f  was left in my main account, but the next  day my credit had  disappeared , is this  normal?

Yes, because  with  plenty  recharge , when you  subscribe  and make a recharge  from  0f to 500f, you get all the advantages,  but also a  validity  from the time of subscription  to  23h59mn. It is but normal that the day after your subscription you have no credit.


I transferred 400f then subscribe to plenty recharge via # 131 * 3#. Why did I not benefit from the plenty recharge tariffing?

Because the method you used is different from the one recommended. In order to subscribe to plenty recharge and enjoy all its advantages, you must first dial # 131 * 3 #, before recharging, then press the call key, and not do it after recharging.

Services included

We've understood...your need to call and send text messages to your loved ones without worrying about the network they use.


With Plenty there is no need for you to bip anymore! to activate the Plenty, tariff plan, simply dial #141#.



Discover the different Plenty bundles



Classic: a simple and economic weekly bundle

  • 10 minutes to all networks
  • 10 SMS to all networks
  • Bundle valid 7 days (500 F)

Fun: the best plan to « chat », text and browse with your « pals »

  • Free and unlimited between 9 p.m. and midnight: calls to your favourite number and SMS to Orange
  • Internet and social networks offered (up to 100 Mb)
  • Bundle valid for 24 hours (250 F) and 7 days (1 000 F)

Smart: to make unlimited calls and help boost your business

  • Up to 45 minutes to all national networks and 15 minutes for international calls
  • Free and unlimited calls to your Orange favourite number (5a.m.-9 p.m.)
  • Bundle valid for 24 hours (500 F) and 7 days (2000 F)

Relax:communicate freely to all national and international destinations

  • Up to 100 minutes to all national networks, 30 minutes for international calls and 300Mb of internet
  • Super unlimited 24/7: sms to Orange and favourite number
  • Bundle valid for 24 hours (1 000 F) and 7 days (5 000 F)


How to subscribe to the Plenty bundle?

  • By dialing #141#, you can access the menu to select your bundle.
  • For new customers, go to one of our branches, purchase a SIM card and get registered. Upon activation of your account, you benefit instantly from the Plenty bundle.


How to check your bundle content?

Dial #123#, then select (0) to access the list of Plenty accounts (Plenty all networks, Plenty SMS all networks, Plenty international, Plenty Internet, Plenty social networks).


Bundles Validity

  • The « daily » bundles (Fun 250, Smart 500 and Relax 1 000) are valid the day of subscription until 11:59 p.m.
  • The « Weekly» bundles (Classic 500, Fun 1 000, Smart 2 000 and Relax 5 000) are valid for a week, from the day of subscription (about 7 days of validity).