My Orange

My Orange

Manage your mobile account more easily.


Discover the new release which includes the following features:



  • Orange shop location
  • Purchase of Data Plan
  • New design




Size: 5,7 Mo
Android 2.3.3
Version 1.2

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My Orange is a free application that allows you to:


  • Manage the mobile account (check the balance, managing favorite numbers, buy a pass online, recharge account etc. ...)
  • Have access to Orange Cameroon services and  applications
  • Have access to the support section (via Frequent asked questions, customer service and location of Orange Cameroon shops)

From now on, you must not remember your USSD codes!

This application is available to Orange Cameroon customers.



Conditions of use:


  • Use: my Orange application is dedicated to pre-paid Orange Cameroun customers under Edge/3G network coverage. 
  • Download: possible under Wifi and free, under mobile coverage. The downloading traffic cost is deducted from the customer’s data plan or pay per use session. 
  • Costs: the mobile traffic for the app use is free except when being located via My Orange application or when the user is directed to a website, data charges apply and are deducted from the customer's data plan. 


If you have questions, you can contact the customer care: 3900


Contact Us


For any information on My Orange application, please contact your usual customer care service.


Information on data consumption


Access to My Orange app is free under Wi-Fi coverage. However, this does not include:

- Downloading the application;

- Geolocation of Orange stores around your site;

- Use of the My Orange app while roaming.


Access to My Orange application is deducted from your data plan or 'Pay as You Go’ mode.


Privacy Policy


Protection of personal data 

My Orange application collects and processes your phone number to recognize you as eligible Orange customer. The application can also determine your location to search for Orange shops nearby (using GPS). 


Application improvement program

My Orange application collects information on the use of the application and sends to us such information for statistical analysis to further improve the service provided to you. The collection of such data also allows us to improve the relevance of the notification messages sent by the service. All collected information is completely anonymous and is not associated with the User. Such information is collected and processed in compliance with applicable laws. It will not be used for any other purposes than improving the service and the relevance of the notification messages. No personal data is collected. You can disable the service by uninstalling the application.